21 Day fall
steam challenge


What is STEAM?

It’s an acronym:  Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.


You can see why we needed one. 😄 

It’s a great way of looking at the world and it’s also a set of building blocks for innovation and let’s not forget it’s a lot of fun! Why should you make sure that your family or your students have a healthy STEAM diet in their daily life?


Here’s your chance to coach your kids on a healthier lifestyle, a lifestyle for the open-minded and curious!  It’s also a lifestyle that will help them be more successful in whatever they choose to do. 

Just like you coach them on making healthy food choices, playing sports, or being a good person, you can coach them to be STEAM savvy.


What better time than the fall to practice living a learning lifestyle. It’s good for the kids, it’s free, and it’s fun!

Here is a sample list of daily challenges:


Activity #1

Find the tallest object near you. How could you estimate its height?

If it’s a building, encourage your child to think about what measurements they know.  If there are a series of windows, for example, can they measure the height of one and estimate the height of the building?  Discuss the idea that math is not only about precision but about estimation, using what we know so we can get a really good estimate. Here is a Middle/High School method you might like to try out too.

Activity #2

What is the science behind “Hot pan, cold oil,” when sauteeing?  If you don’t mind sacrificing some food, experiment with temperature of your pan and see what happens. To read a brief explanation, visit this site.

Activity #3

Pick a pattern from nature. It could be from an animal or plant. Draw it. What shapes are used in the pattern?  View some breathtaking patterns in nature here.


talkSTEM is a nonprofit organization. Its goal is to engage and to inspire.


The STEAM daily challenge menu items were devised by the talkSTEM team, consisting of professional STEAM educators and including Dr. Koshi Dhingra, Founder and Director of talkSTEM. 


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If you are a teacher:

Once you sign up, the blank calendar you will receive will be a useful way your students can keep track of their STEAM challenge.  You can have them do the STEAM activities at home or at school.  Feel free to make copies of and distribute the calendar to students so they can complete daily.  Make it fun and have them share what they did each day.  This can be a great motivation for kids! Don't forget to share what you do on social media.  Use #21STEAMChallenge.  We'd love to hear from you!



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